LocalCity is always looking for engaging talent. We want your help, whether you're a freelance professional or a select partner interested in joining our mission to connect people and transform hyper local search in communities across the US.

If you're intrigued by the possibilties of working with LocalCity, send a few lines with an updated resume and we'll get back to you real soon. 

Thanks for your interest in LocalCity.


LocalCity is looking for Independent Sales Partners (ISP). The primary role is to lead and/or support our combined efforts to connect users and providers in local markets.

ISP's will play a major role in helping us deliver three LocalCity service offerings:

  • Core Listings
  • Value Added
  • Premium and Enhanced

We prefer ISP candidates have at least two (2) years of direct sales experience. Being an entreprenuer - at heart and in action - is important in our business.

If you are actively involved in growth opportunities as a Self-Employed business owner or freelancer, you'll fit in well at LocalCity.

At this time, we are not looking to hire any Sales Reps as full-time employees.

Be assured that, like many new economy businesses, we wholeheartedly believe in great pay for exemplary work. Therefore, we are hard at work crafting the most attractive performance-based compensation plan we can offer to our partners. 

It means you can partner with us, and as we expand our footprint you enjoy the ride of building a high potenital business with a distinct purpose to drive local growth.

We are actively working to identify a small pool of can't miss, full-time prospects who demonstrate ability to deliver high level work performances with measurable results.

At LocalCity, we are all about delivering value to our users and providers.



ISP candidates must:

  • Be adept at generating sales leads
  • Excel at nurturing sales contacts
  • Be comfortable setting sales appointments
  • Develop quality sales opportunities
  • Craft compelling sales proposals and
  • Deliver measurable user and provider results



As an ISP, you will operate under a Partnership Agreement to refer and/or offer LocalCity products and services to users and providers. Scope of work will include managing the agreed upon process of representing our business in local markets. 



ISP candidates must have:

  • Entrepreneurial drive and business initiative
  • Two (2) years of direct sales experience 
  • An ability to deliver high level sales performances
  • Strong interest generating new business
  • Experience w/ MS Office Suite and CRM software
  • Ability to reasonably speak in English
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Effective rapport with decision makers
  • A kind personal demeanor with a great sense of humor
  • Your own mug for coffee (we've got the donuts) 



LocalCity is in the early stages of refining our team and culture.

Our Founder prefers merit over hierarchical organization so it's extremely important that we add folks to the team who are solely focused on getting things done.

Call us zany, but, we love acomplishments - and seek people who share this joy.

We welcome the opportunity to review your LinkedIn profile and hear all about your professional wins and failures. This unique approach is our way of learning more about the talents you offer and how they can fit needs we have in our business.

You'll hear the term "fit" alot in our business. Fit happens.  See, we told ya.

In pursuit of the right fit (there it goes again) for our products, users and providers, we have chosen to not publish full job descriptions. We have elected to attract candidates by using profiles and resumes to inform us about what you do really well.

Our intent is to expand our opportunity tent, not limit greatness. To do this, we tend to create real work responsibilities and process around what our talent group excels at.

We do this because work fit matters. Without it, failure is closer than we want it to be.



Candidates for joining the LocalCity team do not have to live in Alpharetta.

In fact, you are not even required to report into our office for work. LocalCity lives in the communities we serve, not a building we've decided to lease. That's one way we are different from other places and partnerships you may have experienced.

If you are interested in joining and/or partnering with LocalCity, please:

  • Send your professional resume to email to:
  • Subject line title should read: "I'm a VIP. Add [your full name] to your pool."

We intend to personally reply to every inquiry and resume submission we receive.

Once again, thank you in advance for your interest in LocalCity.



As a rule and practice, we don't do hate.

We're down with people of all colors, creeds, abilities and views - except those with views of hatred, bias or discrimination toward anybody different from them.

We take diversity seriously in our business. We're built on fairness and equity.

At this point, we think you get the message.

LocalCity employment practices adhere to U.S. Equal Employement Opportunity laws and state level statutues, requirements and guidelines for the work place. 

In our employment and/or partnership considerations, LocalCity prohibits any form of bias against any candidate regarding fair and equitable practices, as it relates to the following considerations:

  • Age
  • Country of birth
  • Cultural beliefs
  • Employment status
  • Familiy status
  • Gender
  • Gender assignment
  • Income status
  • Martial status
  • Parental status
  • Partnership status
  • Physical ability
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Sexual orientation
  • and whatever else you can think that makes people the unique talent they are



LocalCity advocates for diversity, inclusion and equitable treatment for all people.

We openly state we do not tolerate hate, discriminatory, biased and/or divisive conduct by and/or toward any person on our team or in the communities we serve.



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