What families, neighbors and friends in Alpharetta love most is eating the city's best burgers.


It's no stretch of the imagination to think of diners, chefs and armchair experts in a spirited debate over the relative merits of double-patty vs. single-patty, sweet pickles vs. tart pickles and buns with sesame seeds vs. those without. It's the details that matter!


Here, then, are Alpharetta's 5 best burgers for 2017 according to the surveys in our stomachs.




It's pretty cliche but one of the best burgers I ever had was from a small greasy spoon in New York.  The bun was firm but fresh and the flour on top might as well have been hand dusted by a burger connoisseur.   That was true until I tasted the Steak Burger at Firebirds.


The meat itself was warm enough that whenever you took a bite it felt like the burger melted in your mouth. I'd love to go back there but haven't had the chance or a good enough collection of where it was in order to return.


Burger Fi


This place is yummy.  First, the burger.  The patty itself is a lovely, thick, pink-in-the-middle slab of beefiness, but the chorizo relish and other goodies on there (which make it also one of the messiest burgers I've ever consumed) take it to another level. 


You simply can't make them yourself, with mince and onions topped by bacon, cheddar, salad and pickles.  if you like some hot sauce and relish too, or maybe cooked mushrooms on massive heat, Burger Fi's seasonings and spices will make your mouth water for more.