Tech Startup LocalCity Launches GETLISTED in Alpharetta.

Race LocalCity News Staff Lisa Smith, Staff Contributor

Alpharetta-based LocalCity is excited to announce it first public release. While the city of technology is home to over six hundred (600) innovative companies, none are like LocalCity US.


Thousands of small businesses, local providers, residents and professionals live, work and commute to and from Alpharetta everyday. With all of its promise for growth and prosperity, the team at Revenue Garden acepted the challenge to build the city's first and only hyper-local search platform.


LocalCity is designed to better enable greater Fulton County area residents to explore Alpharetta and discover all the possibilities available to enjoy in the city and its surrounding communities.


We saw an opportunity to create mobile search solutions for people, places and things within a five mile radius of where you live. - Glen K. Williams, Founder & CEO


As the platform evolves, it will become more relevant. LocalCity will solve real issues that exist in local communities around the US. They include a lack of real-time data and actionable information in vibrant or struggling micro-economies.  


LocalCity will fill the void of local citizens not having the effective use of modern, mobile technology to connect with the people, places and things they need to live, work and play in and around Alpharetta and its neighboring communities.


LocalCity considers itself to more than a mobile competitor to legacy sites such as YP.com and more recent successes like Yelp, Groupon and Google Local.


Beyond the added benefit of massive reducing of the avalanche of mailbox stuffing ...


  • Glossy printed paper leaflets
  • Slick marketing form letters
  • Image heavy brochures and flyers
  • Promotional offers and store coupons


LocalCity's digitized services for local residents, providers and retailers is a more modern and green solution for communities that routinely recycle paper and plastic waste.


The future volume of consumer marketing materials will simply shift to a relevant, paperless platform and allow advertisers to deliver more tailored messages and offers that better equip local consumers to find what they need, at the prices they want, and in many cases, have essential and discretionary items and goods delivered to and pick up from their homes and businesses.


LocalCity is excited to focus on helping neighbors learn more about Alpharetta via one local site that aggregates everything that's local into one easy to use platform.


LocaCity began its local business operation at 12 midnight on February 1, 2017.


LocalCity has been meeting new people, engaging new businesses and looking to partner with Alpharetta corporations as a way to improve its platform services and introduce its brand to friends and neighbors.  


Please visit www.LocalCity.US to learn more. 


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