Ify Ifebi: An Atlanta Tech Founder To Watch

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Parts of this article are reposted from Hypepotamus, an Atlanta-based leader in local technology news.  Muriel Vega is the original author.


(ATLANTA) - There is no shortage of technology startups cropping up across metro Atlanta.


We acknowledge this fact first hand.  LocalCity is a tech upstart working hard to establish its business. 


On this journey, we are fortunate to have a front row seat to a fresh group of awesome tech talent. 


When you work along side a diverse mix of inspiring tech founders - all of whom are fully dedicated to their craft and vision - it's inevitable that you'd find a gem.


Believe us when we say "Ify Ifebi is impressive".  It was readily apparent, from her very first pitch, that Ifebi was a noteworthy, young tech founder to watch in Atlanta.


Ifebi is the Founder and CEO of Vendorspace, a new venture working to revolutionize the way you book events and vendors.  She was recently featured in an article by Hypepotamus punctuated by a great interview exchange.  An excerpt of the Hypepotamus piece is posted in the content section below.  

Food, venue, drinks — event planning is a vendor puzzle that can often be difficult to solve. What if your usual vendor partners are busy or your local rolodex isn’t quite there in a new city as an event professional?


After having issues as an event professional herself, Vendorspace founder Ify Ifebi turned her problem into a solution by creating a platform that connects vendors with working event professionals.


Our solution is to be able to bring and create this event community, which is dual-sided,” says Ifebi. “People often create solutions just for event planners, but we focus on vendors. By having this platform, I can work across borders now and confidently plan an event in California out of state.



Vendorspace allows event professionals to see vendor profiles, filter by date, services, and ratings, and swipe right for the perfect match — a sort of Tinder for event planners.


Each vendor is carefully vetted before being added to the platform. Currently part of Atlanta Tech Village’s “It Takes A Village” program, this startup just completed a beta phase and is getting ready to launch to the public on March 1.


Here, Ifebi shares more about how her event management background helped her find her idea, how they tested their idea within the industry, and why they’re looking to raise in the next few months.

Click visit Hypepotamus to read the full article and interview with Ify Ifebi. 


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