Cobb Library System Summer Reading Program Starts May 20.

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The school year is almost over and the Cobb library system is getting its summer reading program underway just as the last classes dismiss.


The dates are May 20-July 27, and the system notes that the program is for adults too, and not just kids:


The Early Literacy Program is about young children building reading and language skills. Reading to young children, even infants, increases word recognition and vocabulary.


The Children’s Program engages kids in language skills development for success. Students are at risk of losing 2-3 months of reading and math over the summer. The Summer Reading Program is a fun way to keep students learning!



The Teen Program motivates teens to read and talk about literature. Teens who participate in Summer Reading tend to perform better academically and achieve greater academic gains than those who don’t.


The Adult Program is about experiencing the joy of reading. Reading relieves stress, strengthens the brain, and builds empathy.


The library supports family bonding time and shared learning experiences. Each program includes activities which have been designed to encourage participation by the whole family because learning doesn’t stop when you leave school.

There’s a kickoff event on Saturday, May 25, from 5-7 p.m. at the Cobb County Civic Center (548 S. Marietta Parkway). 

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