Chili's New 3 for ME Lunch Promotion Awaits!

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If the team at your office gets as hungry as our does at lunch, you'll venture over to the Chili's Grill & Bar located at 5035 Windward Parkway to experience their current "3 for ME" offer, which is a three course lunch promotion for only $10.00.


That's right. $10 bucks for great food delivered in minutes in an open and clean restaurant environment. The food is delightful and bar displays great digital TVs.



Our staff recently visited there and are now inspired to submit a sponsored post.


Chili's recently launched a new "3 for Me" meal promotion to tempt guests new and old into its restaurants. One of our lunch meals included a salad, hamburger and mini molten-chocolate dessert, all for $10. Apparently, the word of mouth on the lunch deal is getting out - and doing well.


Company executives recently indicated in an earnings call that they were pleased with the promotion thus far.


Wyman Roberts, CEO and president of Dallas-based Brinker International Inc., Chili's parent company, stressed that the strategy was not simply lowering prices.


“It's not just going to be, ‘Hey, let's lower prices and go get them that way,’” Roberts said. “It's going to be a combined effort on better execution, better innovation, a strong value proposition, communicating the new messages that break through; all of those things are going to be necessary.“ — Ron Ruggless, Nation's Restaurant News


The CEO expressed some concern that competitors might find the "3 for Me" and other multi-faceted promotional menu items that Chili's offers so appealing that they will copy them and skip the hard work of trying to come up with their own successful promotions.


We think in the era of modern technology, every business needs to invest more to retain their customers and deliver great services. We applaud Chili's. For doing right by its customers. But more importantly, we decided to give them a shout out for serving us a great burger meal at a really good price.


Check out Chili's Grill & Bar on Wondward Parkway. And be sure to tell Scott we sent you. You can thank us later.







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